Casa Montesdeoca


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria  


House Frontage

One of three dining rooms, off the patio.

The Bar off the patio

Don Vicente Sarmiento

The Norwegian, a magazine

For me, the highlight of Vegueta (the old town) was the Restaurante Casa Montesdeoca, situated in a tranquil courtyard with palms, small tables with white linen and tall glasses. They serve excellent food in a perfect location.

The Norwegian, 2011


Glimpse the tiny courtyard of this 16th century house, lush with vegetation, and it's hard to imagine it was bought as a ruin 25 years ago. Gorgeous, romantic and the choice of King Juan Carlos when he's in town.                                             Tim Pozzi, The Sunday Telegraph October 12 2012 Reservations tel:928 333466.


This early 16th century merchant palace stands on the site of the trading post of Las Tres Palmas. The original three trees have been replaced outside the house, which adjoins the Hermita de San Antonio Abad, also built by the Jewish merchant Montesdeoca, to afford his family sanctuary from the mob. The lintels of the doors that provided escape routes to the chapel remain. He lived on the first floor, and kept his servants and horses around  the patio below.  

Calle Montesdeoca, 10
35001 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Tel: 928 333 466
Fax: 928 335 238





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